Creating Teams

lapps team create <teamname> [--tag/-t tag]

Creates a team for users.

Lens Apps requires users to be members of at least one team to create an application or a service instance.

When Administrators create a team, they are automatically members of this team.

Updating Teams

lapps team update <team-name> -n <new-team-name> [--tag/-t tag]

The command above updates a team.


-n, --name(= "") New team name.
-t, --tag(= []) New team tags.

Adding Members to Teams

In order to add members to teams, users will need to leverage the role assign command, as follows:

lapps role assign <role> <[email protected]> <team>

Removing Teams

lapps team remove <team-name>

The command above removes a team from the Lens AppIQ server.

Administrators can remove teams that they are members of. A team that has access to an application cannot be removed. Before removing a team, make sure it does not have access to any application (please check app grant and app revoke commands for details).



Listing Members

lapps team list

The command above lists all teams that a user is a member of.