Managing Applications Using The CLI



In this section of the Quickstart we'll explore how to manage applications using the CLI. Feel free to jump to the Managing Applications From The Web UI if you prefer using UIs instead. This CLI documentation section assumes you are already authenticated in the CLI.

Lens AppIQ CLI supports managing applications deployed using a container image or directly from source.

Deploy an application

We are going to deploy an application based on an existing container image. Please check the Deploying Applications section of the documentation if you prefer deploying applications directly from the source code or through some other means.

lapps app deploy --app hello-shipa --image shipasoftware/hello-shipa:1.0 --environment [ENV-NAME] -t shipa-team



Environments are deployment targets created within Lens AppIQ. They are just an abstraction that consists of a specific namespace within a cluster + optionally, a set of policies (framework) that will be applied to all deployments done targeting such a namespace

After a few moments, the first release of the application should be up and running. We can confirm that by taking a look at the application info.

lapps app info --app hello-shipa

The output should present some of the most commonly needed information. Please copy the Address from the Ingress controllers section and paste it into your favorite browser to confirm that the application is indeed running.


Application Management

Please visit the Application Management section of the docs for more info.

What’s Next

The Quickstart is finished, but there is much more Lens Apps Cloud offers. Please explore the Dev Guide, Ops Guide, or Architecture sections of the docs available in the left-hand menu.