Migrating to Lens ID

Lens AppIQ now uses Lens ID as its only supported authentication mechanism; therefore, new and existing users will be required to create a Lens ID to be able to consume our services.

Existing Users

If you already have a Lens AppIQ account (previously Shipa Cloud), you will need to associate it with a Lens ID to access its information and manage your subscription.

Doing so is as easy as visiting app.k8slens.dev and creating a Lens ID with the same email address used to previously access your Lens AppIQ dashboard.


Google & Github Authentication

If you signed up to Lens AppIQ using your Google/Github account, use the same authentication provider at app.k8slens.dev, and complete the registration process. This will guarantee the right email is linked to your new Lens ID.

After the Lens ID is created, visit Lens AppIQ , click the button "Sign in with Lens ID" and follow the process to completion. You will get access to your existing account once authenticated.