Events Management

Lens AppIQ Events gives you powerful fine-grained control over eventing.

Listing Events

To list the events that a user has permission to see, use the event list command.

lapps event list [--kind/-k kind name]... [--owner/-o owner] [--running/-r] [--target/-t target type] [--target-value/-v target value]


-k, --kind(= []) Filter events by kind
-o, --owner(= "") Filter events by owner
-r, --running(= false) Shows only currently running events
-t, --target(= "") Filter events by target type
-v, --target-value(= "") Filter events by target value

Event Information

To show detailed information about a specific event, use the event info command.

lapps event info <event-id>

Cancelling Events - Locked or Stuck Events

To cancel a running event or if the event is locked or stuck, use the event cancel command.

lapps event cancel <event-id> <reason> [-y]


-y, --assume-yes(= false) Don't ask for confirmation

Adding Event Blocks

To block an event, use the event block add command.

lapps event block add <reason> [-k/--kind kindName] [-o/--owner ownerName] [-t/--target targetType] [-v/--value targetValue]


-k, --kind(= "") Event kind to be blocked
-o, --owner(= "") Block a specific owner's events
-t, --target(= "") Block events with a specific target type
-v, --value(= "") Block events with a specific target value

Removing Event Blocks

To remove an event block, use the event block remove command.

lapps event block remove <ID>

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