Using Plugins

Plugins in Lens AppIQ are executables that can be used to add custom functionality to the Lens AppIQ CLI. Since they run in your local CLI, plugins are modular, can be distributed and built by users themselves.

Creating Plugins

You can use Shell Script, Python, Ruby, or other programming languages for creating your plugins.

As an example, to create a Hello World plugin that just prints “Hello World” on the screen, we can use Shell Script when creating the plugin:

#!/bin/bash -e
echo "Hello World"

To use gist ( as the plugin host, run the plugin install command to install it.

lapps plugin install hello <URL>

Installing Plugins


Installing from a URL

lapps plugin install command only supports installing plugin accessible over HTTP(s) URL.

Install local plugin from your filesystem

Copy the plugin to $HOME/.shipa/plugins.

cp hello $HOME/.shipa/plugins

Plugin accessible over HTTP(s) URL

The plugin install command downloads the plugin file to $HOME/.shipa/plugins. The syntax for this command is:

lapps plugin install <plugin-name> <plugin-url>

Listing Plugins

To list all installed plugins, use the plugin list command:

lapps plugin list

Executing Plugins

To execute a plugin, use the following pattern:

lapps <plugin-name> <arg>

Removing Plugins

To remove a plugin, use the plugin remove command. This passes the name of the plugin as an argument.

lapps plugin remove <plugin-name>