Policies are a logical definition of controls and policies. Policies are applied to applications running in the specific namespace of your cluster.

You can create policies around resource consumption, container registry used by apps, auto-scaling, network policies, security scanning, and more.

Policies can be attached to multiple namespaces and clusters.


A cluster is a named group of Kubernetes nodes belonging to a specific cluster. Shipa API has a scheduler algorithm that distributes applications intelligently across a cluster of nodes.


Within Lens AppIQ, an application comprises:

  • A Kubernetes workload resource (Deployment, StatefulSet, DaemonSet)
  • All Kubernetes resources associated with the workload (Pods, Services, Secrets, ConfigMaps, etc.)
  • Application insights, such as logs, metrics

Lens AppIQ can discover and provide applications running in your cluster. You can also deploy applications using a container image or from a source using Cloud Native Build Packs.

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