Application CNAME

Adding CNAME to Application

You can add a CNAME to an application using the Lens AppIQ dashboard and CLI.


You can create a CNAME by visiting the application page on the dashboard. Click on the specific application and select -> Configure -> CNAME

This open the following options:

Scheme: offers you HTTP or HTTPS as options. If HTTPS is selected, Lens AppIQ will automatically create the certificate and bind it to the CNAME
CNAME: the CNAME address to bind to the application. Lens AppIQ does not manage your DNS provider, so you will also need to create the entry on your DNS provider.

  • CLI

To add a new CNAME, use the cname add command.

$ lapps cname add <cname> [<cname> ...] [-a/--app appname] [-e/--encrypt]

The command does not manage the DNS register. The user must first create the DNS register. Once the application contains a custom CNAME, it can be displayed by the app list and app info commands.


-a, --app(= "") application name
-e, --encrypt(= "") Shipa automatically creates a certificate, using LetsEncrypt, and serves the application through HTTPS

Removing CNAME from an Application

To remove a CNAME from an application, use the cname remove command.

$ lapps cname remove <cname> [<cname> ...] [-a/--app appname]

After removing the CNAME, the app list _and _app info commands display the internal address used by Lens AppIQ.


-a, --app(= "") application name